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Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD, Learning Disabilities, Migraines, and Traumatic Brain Injury

Attention Deficit Disorder Evaluations

Attention Deficit Disorder is officially diagnosed when a patient possesses a certain number of specific symptoms. Although it is not defined by neuropsychological testing, the diagnosis also states that the symptoms must not be due to some other disorder, such as a neurological problem, psychopathology or other medical problem. Neuropsychological testing is a more accurate way of determining if you or a loved one has ADD or ADHD and to rule out other possible disorders. In other words, testing helps clarify the diagnostic picture.

The Brain Clinic offers several different options for ADD testing:

  • The Brief ADD Evaluation
    The Brain Clinic provides special assessments for ADD and learning disabilities. These low cost alternatives are for people who want to know whether or not they have ADD or a learning disability. This evaluation is not sufficient for those needing extra time on high stakes tests such as the MCAT, SAT, GRE or LSAT.
  • Full Neuropsychological Evaluations
    A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation performed by a senior staff member includes a full intelligence battery, as well as measures of verbal and visual memory, executive functioning, academic abilities, a continuous performance and attention battery and a personality assessment. A neuropsychological evaluation is similar to the above evaluations, but some of the tests are different, emphasizing other kinds of cognitive abilities having to do with neurological disorders, such as visual and verbal memory, fine motor coordination, shifting of sets, and novel abstract reasoning.
  • Low-Cost Evaluations
    Learn more about our low-cost evaluations with Dr. Kristi Hoffmann. These rates are almost half of other fees in the city, but require that the family income is less than $60,000.

For a list of fees with their description of the above, click here.

Insurance Coverage:
Sometimes insurance companies will reimburse neuropsychological evaluations, but it is very hard to predict how much they will cover. Your chances of getting reimbursed for the fee are increased a great deal if you get a prescription from a medical doctor (preferably a neurologist, family doctor or general practitioner) for a "Neuropsychological Evaluation," for cognitive problems which are noticed in the doctor's exam. It also helps if you have some aspect of your medical history which would suggest that a neuropsychological evaluation is a medical necessity. The CPT code for a neuropsychological evaluation is 96118. If you decide to inquire as to whether a neuropsychological evaluation is covered, use only the term “neuropsychological evaluation” and none of the other diagnostic terms mentioned above. Medical necessity is usually very important in getting reimbursed. Please note that the evaluations in which a graduate student does the testing are usually not available for reimbursement by insurance companies.

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Neuropsychological Evaluations and Non-pharmaceutical Treatments

Extended Time on Standardized Exams

Extended Time on Standardized Exams



Child Neuropsychological Evaluations

Child Neuropsychological Evaluations

ADD online test

ADD online test

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