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Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD, Learning Disabilities, Migraines, and Traumatic Brain Injury

Low Cost Evaluations for Children

The Brain Clinic is able to offer significantly reduced fees for Neuropsychological evaluations and treatments to those who qualify by offering these services from Dr. Kristi Hoffmann, who is a newly licensed psychologist. Whereas normal rates in the tri-state area run close to $3,500, Dr. Hoffmann is able to charge almost half of that. Low Cost Neuropsychological Evaluations are limited to those with a total family income of less than $60,000 per year. Proof of this level of income is required, preferably by the last two years of IRS tax return (called the 1040). Please note the terms and conditions for each program, outlined below.

Please note, we do not do evaluations for children under 12.

The fee is $1,500 for a full report.  Insurance might cover some or all of the fee.  The parent should sign and return this sheet with the deposit in agreement to these terms.  Since this program is designed for those who cannot afford the usual fee, the most recent 2 tax returns is required.  This program may stop any time; terms may change any time.

1.  Reports will be completed about 3-4 weeks after the last testing date when all materials needed to complete the evaluation are received, and your payment obligation is made.  This low cost program does not produce reports quickly; they are often lengthy and take time.

2.  Testing for this program is done Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:30am-3pm.  Lateness is billed $25 per 15 min – so be on time!  Testing time is typically about 8-9 hours, over a few days.

3.  This program does not apply to children under the age of 12 years old.  Dr. Krishnamurthy tests these young children; the rate is $225/hour, usually 12-17 hours of billable time.

4.  Because this program may be popular, there may be a waiting list of several weeks.

5.  A deposit of $500 is required to reserve the first testing appointment, and the balance is to be paid at the final testing session.  Reports are not released until the bill is paid in full.  Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are charged $200 for this cancelled session.

6 . Please download and sign our Low Cost Agreement located here. This form must be signed and either mailed back to us, or scanned and sent to us by email, or faxed to our office. Our fax number is: (212) 629-7475. Our email is 


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Extended Time on Standardized Exams

Extended Time on Standardized Exams



Child Neuropsychological Evaluations

Child Neuropsychological Evaluations


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