A Quantitative Electroencephalogram, or QEEG, is recommended for those who are planning to do EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback).


This assessment measures the different brain waves (delta, theta, alpha and beta) at 19 sites and the relationships of all pairs of sites in three parameters — coherence, phase, and asymmetry.


A QEEG is also recommended for those who want to know precisely how their brain functions, as well as for more precise medication recommendations. By comparing the brain wave information with others in the same normative group (such as people the same age), one can discover how a given person’s brain waves differ from the normal population. This has direct implications for EEG Biofeedback and information about brain waves which are excessive or too low can be included in the EEG Biofeedback treatment design so that the abnormal brain waves can be corrected.


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