We offer Extended Time for Standardized Tests in NYC. Scoring well on high-stakes standardized exams can make a significant difference in your future. If you have a learning disability you may be able to gain extra time on these tests, and The Brain Clinic can help provide the necessary documentation to do so.

High-stakes tests such as the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, USMLE are required for acceptance into graduate level schools and universities. If you have a learning disability you may need extra time to complete these exams in order to score well enough to be accepted into the university/college you deserve.

Dr. Thomas and His Staff:

  • have dealt with over 3,500 cases involving accommodations for high-stakes testing.
  • have a 95% success rate in these cases when a learning disability has been adequately documented.
  • have an extremely short turnaround time. Reports are typically available 1-2 weeks after the testing is completed and previous documentation has been submitted, compared to 3-6  weeks at most clinics.
  • are highly trained with degrees from UC Berkeley, Yale University, CUNY, and Widener University.

High-Stakes Testing Express:
The Brain Clinic offers a quick method for determining if you are likely eligible for extra time during high-stakes testing scenarios. All it takes is approximately 90 minutes of your time to determine if you will have the possibility of being granted accommodations. The fee is $350, and testing can be done on Saturdays.

Extended Time for Standardized Tests in NYC

Extended Time for Standardized Tests in NYC

What We Need From You:

  • Medical and developmental (childhood) history
  • School records dating from grammar school through high school. You will likely have to give the school(s) a written release to do this.  Start this procedure as early as possible
  • Test reports and letters which document learning problems in your past. This includes letters from doctors, teachers, school officials, even relatives and parents attesting to your learning problems (signed and dated).
  • A personal written statement detailing the learning problems you have had throughout your life.  This can be emailed to Dr. Thomas.  If you have not had accommodations in the past, you need to explain why. Why were you not identified as being learning disabled as a child?  What struggles did you go through?  Did you get informal accommodations from teachers (like extra time on tests), or did someone help you a lot with homework (parent, tutor, grandma)? 

Click here for : Checklist for Extended Time

Please Note:  A report is more likely to be successful if there is a well-documented history of your disability; we need to show that you are not just trying to get an uadvantage by requesting extra time. These reports take time to write, and they often end up being lengthy. The report will be finished after submitting the final materials; a report without complications will take about 10 business days to write. Reports are released when the payment is received.

Contact us for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you build a better brain. Neuropsychological Evaluations and Non-pharmaceutical Treatment in New York, NY.

  We accept various forms of payment, including Visa and Mastercard. 

Did you know…

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We do a great deal of evaluations for extended time on high-stakes exams. The requirements for applying for extended time on standardized tests are demanding and vary from one testing organization to another. Dr. Thomas can help determine exactly how much testing and supplemental material would be helpful for your case but it is your responsibility to find out what the specific requirements and expectations are. Usually, the information for extended time requirements can be found on the testing organization’s web site. You must build a case for your request which includes extensive testing, a detailed report, as well as additional materials such as school records, letters from doctors, tutors, family members and teachers. The earlier you start, the better chance you have of building a strong case. Although Dr. Thomas has a high rate of success with these cases, there is no guarantee that your request will be granted.

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