Psychotherapy at The Brain Clinic

Psychotherapy at The Brain Clinic

Psychotherapy at The Brain Clinic. 

Dr. Thomas offers psychotherapy services for ADHD, Learning Disabilities & Mild Head Injury, as well as other issues. His unique perspective is that he knows about the brain, being a neuropsychologist for over 30 years.


There are different styles or “schools” of psychotherapy, and several of them, in Dr. Thomas’ opinion, are not suitable for people with mild brain problems (such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and mild head injury). One difference in Dr. Thomas’ psychotherapy approach is utilizing structured ways of planning to improve one’s situation, as well as exercises that can help improve cognition.


Dr. Thomas is a licensed psychologist (NY#6781) and his psychotherapy services should be reimbursable by insurance plans. If insurance reimbursement is necessary to begin treatment, the patient needs to make arrangements with the insurance company (such as pre-certification); it is the patient’s responsibility to make the insurance benefit work. Dr. Thomas will be happy to provide you with a receipt so that you can get the proper reimbursement.

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Psychotherapy at The Brain Clinics