What are the requirements for applying for extended time on standardized tests?

  • The requirements for applying for extended time on standardized tests are demanding and vary from one testing organization to another.


Is neuropsychological testing from The Brain Clinic enough to gain extra time or do I need past documentation for learning disabilities?

  • Testing is very important, but it is not enough. Historical documentation, especially from younger years, is also important. Be advised that there is no guarantee that the testing results will turn out a certain way. Click here for the checklist.


How do I know if I am learning disabled?

  • A learning disability means that some level of learning is significantly below average compared to the general population. A common example is someone who reads very slowly (below average) compared to their peers. Dyslexia is the most common type of learning disability in reading. To determine whether or not you have a learning disability, an evaluation is necessary.


Why choose the Brain Clinic to do your High-Stakes Testing Evaluation?

  • We at the Brain Clinic have completed thousands of High-Stakes Evaluations over the last 30 years. We are very efficient in completing these evaluations; it typically takes two weeks to finish the report after the last testing session.


How much does testing for High-Stakes Accommodations Cost? Will my insurance cover it?

  • High-Stakes testing must be done by a licensed psychologist. Fees start at $3,400 and can on occasion cost more. It depends on how much documentation is necessary to sort through and how much testing needs to be done to prove your case. Testing is not always covered by insurance, but we will give you a form to submit to your insurance company should you wish to pursue reimbursement.

How can I make an appointment? How long does the testing take?

  • The testing is done over 2-4 sessions, at least 3 hours per session. Total time is generally 8-9 hours of testing and an additional 7 hours to write the report. Please use the contact form below regarding your situation.


How long will it take for me to get an evaluation for Extra Time for High-Stakes Testing?

  • Assuming that you provide the proper documentation indicating that you have a learning disability, The Brain Clinic can provide you with a neuropsychological evaluation in less than two weeks. This is compared to 4-8 weeks for most evaluations from similar clinics or practices.


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