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Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Nonverbal Learning Disorder Overview Nonverbal learning disability (NLD) refers to a learning disorder that is characterized by deficits in visual-spatial organization and processing that significantly interferes with academic and social functioning (1).  A specific neuropsychological profile of strengths and weaknesses typically associated with NLD has been identified. While the presence of certain subgroups within NLD […]


Quantitative EEG

A Quantitative Electroencephalogram, or QEEG, is recommended for those who are planning to do EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback).   This assessment measures the different brain waves (delta, theta, alpha and beta) at 19 sites and the relationships of all pairs of sites in three parameters — coherence, phase, and asymmetry.   A QEEG is also recommended for […]


How is ADD Diagnosed?

How is ADD Diagnosed? In the mental health fields of psychiatry and psychology, there are “official” criteria for the diagnosis of ADD. The 18 symptoms are broken into three parts—the Inattentive, Hyperactive and Impulsive symptoms, and these are below, simplified from the official diagnostic manual. The person, child or adult, can exhibit the following problems […]